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  • Группа: Альянс
  • Сторона: Альянс

Изгнанники Гномрегана

Эти бывшие жители Гномрегана нашли приют в Стальгорне и теперь входят в состав Альянса.

Gnomeregan Exiles is the faction of gnomes who were exiled from their home, Gnomeregan in Dun Morogh. It was destroyed by the Trogg after a toxic invasion. Now a member of the Alliance, most are located in the Tinkertown section of the neighboring city Ironforge.


Bubulo Acerbus has the repeatable cloth reputation quests. As a reward for being exalted with Ironforge, non-gnome dwarf players are able to ride mechanostriders.

Surrounding zone Dun Morogh contain the most quests for gaining reputation with the Gnomeregan Exiles.

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