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  • Группа: World of Warcraft


Древобрюхи – единственное племя фурболгов, сумевшее избежать Порчи. Представители этого племени хранят традиции своего народа и стремятся прекратить мучения своих братьев.

As the last uncorrupted furbolg tribe (at least in their view), the Timbermaw seek to preserve their spiritual ways and end the suffering of their brethren.

The Timbermaw Furbolgs inhabit two areas: Azshara and Felwood. They are presumed to be the only furbolg tribe to escape demonic corruption, though this may not be true due to the existence of Krolg, an uncorrupted furbolg of unknown tribe, and the Stillpine tribe on Azuremyst Isle in Burning Crusade. However, many other races kill furbolg blindly now, without bothering to see if they are friend or foe. For this reason, the Timbermaw furbolg trust very few.

Adventurers who seek out Timbermaw Hold in northern Felwood and prove themselves as friends of the Timbermaw will learn that the furbolgs value their friends above all else. Though they possess no fine jewels or any worldly riches, the Timbermaw's shamanistic tradition is still strong. They know much about the art of crafting armors from animal hides, and they are more than happy to share their healing/resurrection knowledge with friends of their tribe. Besides, any reputation above Unfriendly will also grant you untroubled access to Moonglade and Winterspring through their tunnels.


Reputation with the Timbermaw Hold faction is mainly gained through quests and killing in Felwood. The members of the Deadwood Tribe, another Furbolg tribe in Felwood, are the Timbermaws' main enemies.By using only the beads and feathers to get from revered to exalted at a 20–30% drop rate, you will have to kill between 3,500, and 5,250 furbolgs to obtain the required 1400 beads / feathers.

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