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  • Группа: World of Warcraft
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Этот город высших эльфов был брошен вскоре после нападения Плети на Кель'Талас. Сейчас в нем живут Отрекшиеся и эльфы крови, стремящиеся освободить Призрачные земли.

Tranquillien is a joint blood elf and Forsaken town and separate faction in the Ghostlands.


As the Scourge made their way to the Sunwell, the elves had no choice but to retreat. The town of Tranquillien was abandoned by the retreating elves. The town is now used by the blood elves and the Forsaken as their base of operation to launch attacks aiming to take back the Ghostlands from the Scourge. However, the city is surrounded by the Scourge and even couriers have trouble getting past the enemy to reach the town. The undead forces of Deatholme are the most dangerous threat to the town.


Unlike most starting areas, the town of Tranquillien is its own faction. All quests you do for them will garner at least 1000 reputation apiece. Provisioner Vredigar acts as the Tranquillien quartermaster. Vredigar can be found near the inn and will sell various uncommon items, and even a rare cloak when you reach exalted! If you complete all of the Tranquillien quests, you should be exalted by approximately level 20.
There are a variety of quests mostly concerning reclaiming overrun villages, investigating undead and helping around. The "end" of the quest-revealed lore surrounding Tranquillien culminates with the quest to kill Dar'Khan Drathir.

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