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  • Группа: The Burning Crusade
  • Сторона: Орда


Замкнутая группа бурокожих орков, сумевшая полностью оградить себя от влияния демонов. Несмотря на все перемены, они хранят верность традициям своего народа.

The Mag'har are a faction of brown-skinned orcs who remain on Outland and have separated themselves from the other remaining orc clans that fell prey to Magtheridon and joined his army of fel orcs (that are now led by the powerful Kargath Bladefist). The Mag'har are settled in the stronghold of Garadar in the beautiful land of Nagrand, once home to the majority of the orcs along with Terokkar Forest and the Blade's Edge Mountains.
The Mag'har orcs have never been corrupted by Mannoroth or Magtheridon and thus remained untouched by the bloodlust. Unlike their former clanmates who live in the ruins of their once-mighty holds, the Mag'har are made up of members of different orc clans who escaped corruption. The current leader of the Mag'har, venerable Greatmother Geyah, is an old and wise orc, yet she has recently fallen extremely ill. Garrosh Hellscream, son of the mighty Grom Hellscream, serves as the Mag'har's military chief, aided by Jorin Deadeye, son of the venerable chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow clan, Kilrogg Deadeye. In addition, there is an NPC within a Mag'har camp to the west known as Saurfang the Younger.
It is not clear how the Mag'har managed to retain their original brown skin. Orcish skin turns green when exposed to warlock magic, regardless of the individual's beliefs or practices; Garrosh and Jorin would certainly have been exposed, given the positions of their fathers.

Horde players start out at unfriendly with the Mag'har. Alliance players will always be treated as hostile. The Alliance counterpart to this faction are the Kurenai.


Quests for the Mag'har begin in Hellfire Peninsula with The Assassin from Thrallmar. This quest will lead you to a small Mag'har outpost north of Hellfire Citadel. Once in Nagrand, players will find the main Mag'har city, Garadar. The city holds most of the remaining quests that will reward Mag'har reputation.

Note: You MUST have completed the quest chain of "The Assassin" up until the quest A Spirit Guide (where you become Neutral) in order for you to talk to most people in Garadar.


Reputation can be gained from killing Kil'sorrow cult members, Murkblood Broken, Warmaul and Boulderfist ogres in Nagrand. Players may also turn in 10x [Obsidian Warbeads], which drop from these ogres.
Players seeking Consortium reputation may wish to save their warbeads, as Mag'har reputation is generally easier to obtain.
Players seeking Aldor reputation may prefer killing cult members at Kil'Sorrow Fortress, as they drop [Mark of Kil'jaeden] for Aldor reputation turn-ins.

Note: These monsters and quests do not have a limit, they grant reputation all the way through exalted!

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