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  • Группа: The Burning Crusade

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Тайное общество бронзовых драконов, возглавляемое Соридорми, ближайшей спутницей Ноздорму.

The Scale of the Sands is a secretive subgroup of the Bronze Dragonflight, led by Soridormi, prime mate of Nozdormu. It is a subgroup of the Bronze Dragonflight. Their leader, Nozdormu, sent these guardian factions to Hyjal Summit where they guard the World Tree from another attack by the demons of Darkwhisper Gorge and help restore the time-stream and preserve the future of the world.


Both bosses and trash monsters give reputation with each kill. Archimonde, the final boss, awards 1500 reputation while the other four bosses give 375. General trash award 12 reputation, while Frost Wyrms give 60. Yielding an average of 7800 per full clear, it would take 5-6 clears to reach exalted.

Currently some of the best rings for raiding are available via this reputation. In order to recieve the rings, you must complete the previously required attunement quest, Vials of Eternity. Each new reputation level awards an upgraded ring.

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